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Meet Goiás


Meet Goiás


Akira_Prancheta 1

Akira Ninomiya Jr.

Founder of the meet goiás

Founder and president of the Ninomiya Corporation. Serial entrepreneur. 

Diego Mongrell

meet goiás ambassador in argentina e uruguai

Member of the Ministery of Justice of Argentina.

Prado_Prancheta 1

Gabriella Prado

meet goiás ambassador in europe

Internationalist Lawyer, International Trade and International Contracts.

Wyvens_Prancheta 1

Wyvens Solarevsky

event manager

Event manager at the Ninomiya Corporation since 2017.

Synval Navarro

Digital Strategist

Expert in digital marketing, neuromarketing and neurolinguistics.

Luciano_Prancheta 1

Luciano Ohya

official photographer

Official photographer of Ninomiya Corporation events since 2014.

Meet Goiás


Meet Goiás_fundo transparente-01
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