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Meet Goiás Report

Meet Goiás


A modern presentation material about the State of Goiás, with information and data about the three pillars of Meet Goiás: Foreign Trade, Gastronomic Experience and Arts of Cerrado Goiano.


The report will bring an interactive experience, with links to videos with interviews with the partners of Grupo Meet Goiás.


The 2022 edition of the Meet Goiás Report, scheduled to be launched in April, will be virtually delivered to Japan International Cooperation Agency – JICA, our partners in holding the Japanese Immigration Celebrations to Brazil and to the Brazil-America Chamber of Commerce, a confirmed partner in the realization of the Meet Goiás Expo.


Follow the recordings of interviews and content production on our social media.

Meet Goiás


Meet Goiás_fundo transparente-01
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