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The cuisine of Goiás is very diverse, with its main dishes being fish on the roof, suã (pork backbone) with rice, rice with pequi, and also the daily dishes of Brazilians such as rice and beans; in addition to pamonha, which is used as a main dish in meals; the fruits are jabuticaba, gabiroba, jatobá, among many others from the cerrado. Also noteworthy are the mixtures, the name given to vegetables, such as serralha and taioba, in addition to the introduction of guariroba, one of the main ingredients of the empadão, as a vegetable in the almost daily diet.


Quitanda, the name given to homemade cookies, is also diverse: cracker, mané pelado (cassava cake baked in banana leaves), cheese biscuit (which was invented in Goiás), Lie (fried flour cookie) , the peta, the almost forgotten brevidade (sweet flour beaten with eggs and sugar), the dulce de leche pastry and the rice pudding (these last two are typical greengrocers in the City of Goiás). The variety of sweets is very rich: marmalade in a box (in Luziânia region), “Moça-de-engenho” (molasses beaten and framed in the shape of a sculpture), dulce de leche (especially with grated papaya sticks or grated cider), sweet -egg (ambrosia made directly in molasses), candied fruit (very rich in Pirenópolis), grated cider jam, fruit peels (orange, lemon), among many others. Seasoned rapaduras (with milk, orange peel, cider or peanuts).


The seasonings are very diverse, with a cuisine rich in spices such as saffron, ginger and pepper, the latter being used in almost all savory dishes. Pequi, for example, in the old villages of Meia Ponte (today Pirenópolis) and Vila Boa, still in the early 18th century, began to be used in the cuisine of Goiás. In the region surrounding the industrial city of Catalão, pequi was used only in the manufacture of pequi soap, with therapeutic properties. Today it is already marketed in jam. The fruit can be tasted in the most varied ways: cooked, in rice, in chicken, with pasta, with fish, with meat, in milk and in the form of one of the most appreciated liqueurs in Goiás.


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Meet Goiás


Meet Goiás_fundo transparente-01
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