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Meet Goiás


The composition of the economy of the state of Goiás is based on agricultural production, livestock, commerce and mining, food, clothing, furniture, metallurgy and timber industries. Agriculture is the most explored activity in the state. These trends in the state can be exemplified by its export list, which in 2012 was based on Soybean (21.59%), Corn (12.17%), Soybean Meal (9.65%), Copper Ore ( 8.51%) and Frozen Beef (7.90%).


Agriculture is the most explored activity in the state and one of the main responsible for the rapid process of agroindustrialization that Goiás has been experiencing. Privileged with fertile land, abundant water, favorable climate and a broad domain in production technology, the state is one of the great grain exporters, in addition to having one of the largest herds in the country. The state of Goiás stands out in the production of sugarcane, corn, soybeans, tomatoes, sorghum, beans, sunflowers, garlic, in addition to producing cotton, rice, coffee and wheat. In 2019, Goiás was the 4th Brazilian state with the highest grain production, 10% of the national production.


Good choices create good business

International Relations

Commercial relations with 150 countries

World’s 80th Largest Economy

The economy of Goiás could be compared toa a country, with GDP equivalente to the 80th world economy.

1028 types of exported goods

1028 types of exported goods Goiás exports include commodities such as soybeans, corn and meat (poultry, pork and beef) and minerals (copper sulphide, iron-nickel, iron-niobium among others). The historical exports average consists of 75% of primary products and 25% of manufacture goods.

The stage of national Logistic Integration

Port of São Simão – Tietê – Paraná Waterway

Located right in the middle of the country and close to the federal capital, Goiás has a privileged position.

With several highways and importante railroads crossing its territory, in addition to a system of waterways and airports, the state has a complete and eficiente logistic infrastruture.

The Dry Port aand the Multimodal Platform of Anápolis ensure a more eficiente production flow and allow comercial connections with the entire country and the world.


27 thousand km Highway network

South American Ports

Connections with ports in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Caribbean.

Dry Port of Anápolis

Largest customs terminal in the Center West region


North-South railroads and Center-Atlantic raildoad 1.676 km operational railroads


Port of São Simão – Tietê – Paraná Waterway

Multimodal platform of Anápolis

Integration of highways, railroads anda ir transport


Goiânia – Brasília – Rio Verde – Caldas Novas – Minaçu – Anápolis Cargo Airport

meet goiás


Boosting Regional Development

Central Brazil Consortium is a partnership among the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rondônia and Tocantins, in addition to the Federal District. It was astablished in 2015 to logiscally integrate the region and foster the economic development of member states, while promoting innovation and sustainnability.


Goiás is the leader of Central Brazil Consortium

A pioneering initiative in Brazil, Central Brazil Consortium is currently presided by the State of Goiás.

Several projects are already underway, such as the Commom Market, wich favors product exchanges and opens new markets for commercialization in member states.

Goiânia – Anápolis – Brasília Hub: 3rd largest development hub in Brazil

Goiás features one of the main development hubs of Brazil: Goiânia – Anápolis – Brasília Hub. The state capital, Goiânia, ttracts several business, including those related to agricultural production, while Anápolis holds the status of na industrial center. Brasilia, the federal capital and the one of the cities with the highest GDP per capita of the country, offers a powerful consuption center. Since 2009, more than 31,000 business have been established in the region.

Meet Goiás


Meet Goiás_fundo transparente-01
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